Friday, November 4, 2011

If I could change one thing, I'd ensure every child had only 1 record, used without providing the information to anyone. 

A collaborative model.  I'd save everyone time and money. 

I'd move our current providers to the local geography of those they need to serve.  Foreclosure properties. 

Education funding delivery system
(from the left to the right)

Annual Budget Sponsors
State Government
Education Consumes and distributes budget

County Government
Consumes and distributes budget


School sites
Consume and delivers as a Service Provider to the student population
Federal Budget
|---> State Budgets
| --->
County Office of Education Budgets
Local Planning Council
Alternative Payment Programs
Local Programs
Community College - De Anza
District Budgets School Site Budgets
|--------> Resource and Referral - Programs
below 2% contract audit error rate.
Child Care Providers |----> Children in the same school zip populations.

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