Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How would I use an analogy to describe what I do?


Analogy Business Architect

The BA would be like a coach on a football team.

The coach has been hired by a team owner or school.
The coach has two types of coaches who he guides in two different sets of players with different skills.
  1. Offensive coach and players
  2. Defensive coach and players
Offensive plays either run the ball getting immediate yards in the right direction. OR
IMMEDIATE REVENUE on PRODUCTS (not part of a system or solution) Full backs run the ball most often
The passing game, the wide receiver or full back when you have a good player. SALES SKILL TIERS

Based on the game playbook and the QB telling the players the play to use
The quarterback expects the wide receiver to be in the place the ball is thrown.
The time between the player catching and where the player runs toward the goal.
This has met one part of the requirement, that only matters or counts after the play ends.

The second type of coach would be the defensive coach, who has a middle linebacker (Purchasing)
Similar to the QB the linebacker directs the players on each play.
The difference would be that the goal of these players intends to take yards away (accounts payable)
prevent the other team from getting new yards. (cost overruns/protecting the margin)
The MLB uses the same playbook(ANNUAL INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO) as the QB in a different section of the book,
The MLB section guides the players in ways to to line up his defense in order to protect the line (ACTUAL SPEND).
The players respond to the other teams attempts to move toward their goal and the defense tries to prevent the advancement or ideally take yards away.

The more the coach learns about his players and builds upon their untapped or known talents increases the teams chances to win. More touchdowns wins more games GROWTH TARGETS

The coach based his players playbook on what others have proven and had success doing.
Then he may allow his coaches to be creative or throws his own plays in. He does this understanding the players the other team and uses a series of test before trying to execute. (PDCSA)
He looks at his results and determines if the play makes sense. QUALITY

The BA is the coach in my mind and in this analogy, the CEO hired the coach.

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