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1. Six Sigma + Champion

  • Analyze data relevant to the problem of interest
  • Analyze the system of causes and determine root cause
  • Develop the infrastructure to manage DMAIC teams
  • Implement solutions relevant to the root cause of the problem
  • Define a problem in measurable terms
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the solutions
  • Contain the problem while developing a durable solution
  • Establish controls to sustain solutions and realize financial benefits
  • Measure core performance and establish metrics

2. Process (children represent each unique Course)

  • Process Level Scoping
  • Processes and the Successful Organization
  • Managing Business Process Risk CFE (Cisco Finance Essentials)

3. Conflict Management and Negotiation

  • Exercising Influence - 2 day instructor led
  • Pro-active listening and Meaningful Engagement

4. Change Management

  • Introduction to Change Management - Harvard Mentor Management
  • Next Generation Change Leadership

5. Data Management

  • Data Management Methodology - Principles
  • Data Management Methodology - Applied

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