Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Design Thinking - Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Design Thinking 


The primary sponsor and the human motivations for the audience.
A CEO and Board of Director dependency map according to regulatory and brand protection with risk and legal liabilities.


How do the industry experts describe their role in meeting the corporate responsibility?

  • People
    • Unintended or Intentional results will be negative when Ethical Issues are not guided for the right results.  
    • Companies and Agencies must supply tools which produce the right results in order to hold employees accountable.  
  • Process
    • A gap in knowledge, wisdom and corporate culture have been abandoned, replaced by collaboration.  
  • Technology
    • Collaboration itself MUST be executed in a manner to breed success.  


1. Insight Maker Open Source Application - System Dependencies
Human behaviors in meeting the "Spirit of the law"