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Part II - Business and Quality Management Systems

Enabling Business and Quality Management System(s)
Inserts a generic approach which works without disruption; allowing a consistent way to determine your cultural conditions based on your management and risk appetite. 

Virtual Lines in the Sand or in this analogy the highway

Any part of the world
If you can imagine we have highways all over the world.  Therefore this prescription would be applicable anywhere in the world.  The signs on the highway may allow you to see different things upon exiting in any scenario.

Any company in any industry
Therefore you have an opportunity to apply this model to any industry.

Risk Management and Entitlement for Access 
Each industry and each company will have different levels of risk and at the least 3 different business scenarios.  Logical grouping of three levels of risk-High, Medium and Low in either direction of the highway, translates into slow lane for high, middle lane for medium and fast lane for low risk.

Financial Statements
Your offers through the development and design phases when the offer has been matured according to market definitions will be in your fast lane and reported to the Security Exchange Commission or regional agency of the same type as a foundational cost (expense) or sell (revenue) in summary.

To ensure we never have a scenario where we might confuse the role of a supplier with customer and have the infrastructure to enable consistent access and entitlement for cases when the companies go to market strategy relies on a strategic alliance who has the role of both.  Our approach ensures we insert static supplier accounts on the south bound lanes of the highway for all cost related activities.

Using the entry and exit of the highway to control the fact that a northbound traveler represents the customer and offer value measurements.  

A new driver will acquire a vehicle of any make and model.  
Based on the offers maturity (decided off road by various stakeholders including industry analyst); a vehicle (offer) merely applying logical or virtual groupings rather than assuming any forced constraints.    

Design Patterns for any business model of any maturity
Any business or technology user can assume you must build and invest before you can sell an offer.
The lines we draw for the investment to develop, design, build and deliver an offer is an expense transaction capability with our supplier stakeholders; traveling SOUTH for a negative adjustment to your investment plan.

In order to sell your offers you must have invested and supplied the value to begin your revenue streams we start with the sales goal inputs and assume the trigger to revenue streams begins with a developed sale plan with a direct customer.
sales planning work streams.  

  • The line we must assume for north bound travelers should represent the revenue stream. 
    • We know a driver (customer) and vehicle (offer) will enter the north lanes and expect each company who adopts this approach will be in a position to inter operate their revenue according to quality standards with revenue recognition converging in the slow lane on high risk or new offers-NON-GAAP
    • While your SEC advanced types are in the middle lane-deferred revenue
    • Your resale and point of sale to consumers will travel in the fast lane.  Immediate revenue
    • for the new offers in the slow lane.  
  • Strategy is simply the vehicle and marketing creating the CUSTOMER CAPABILITY versus an enterprise architecture task to have value stream and mapping of capabilities as part of the internal Enterprise and Business Architecture.  
    • No change to technology strategy for this purpose
    • Some external dependencies may be proposed and warranted by industry trends. 
The following supplies the graphical representation in a manner for both business and technology audiences to understand.  The concepts in a very abstract form.

The details are going to follow in each subject. 

Part Vi People Industry Specific prescriptions-If I were in education or the military branches of the government how I would transform to this model; The highway analogy applied to two vertical industry  types to show the way the model applies to any market.    Education Scenario
Federal2 Healthcare coming soon 

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