Saturday, November 19, 2011

Why does the security in a cloud seem so threatening?
    1. We have too many people being unethical to advance their own agenda's?
      1. aka..."your not talking about cloud Mr. CIO if you were you'd use the correct terms you don't have a clue Mr. CIO type". 
    2. Let's post to a couple of forums, who do I want to be in this forum - 
      1. aka..."I am one person with many online profiles" 
      2. OMG - Service Specification Semantic Services 
        1. an employee can have more than one employer
      3. We want to say this about the subject 
        1. aka...we have and answer in the manner we want to prescribe too.  
    3. Now let's go to our handy blog application linked to Google
      1. aka...the other guy must be at fault type" 
    4. Now our blog doesn't have anything more than your blog post from several days before.  
      1. aka..."the follow an ex employee, to discredit them type"
      2. aka..."I want you to fill out a form, because I am not who I claim to be type"
      3. a create a couple of businesses without any real contacts, just an online form.  
      4. with really professional looking websites. 
        1. Oh no-one ever looks at the content behind the links. 
  1. We struggle to understand the rules of engagement according to our risk and legal liability.

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