Saturday, November 26, 2011

Implementing Knowledge Management - APQC

Process Toolkit
  1. Design Thinking - Harvard Business Review
  2. Process Maturity-What's Holding Up Process Maturity? 
  3. Deer in the headlights
  4. Process Benchmarking - APQC
  5. Process Maximus

The people part of a process improvement initiative has the most importance for the reason's that follow;
  1. Having the ability to be successful
    1. Business Process isn't about technology, it's about the way people interact in actions to input minimum criteria to attain an expected output.
    2. Technology would be expected to enhance this requirement.

The application and practices to prevent loss of utilization of certain features designed into the application.
  • Having a generic parent process with children processes to reflect the following;
    • current state-Outcome Model
    • ideal state-Performance Model
Ensure your project or initiative has been setup for success by rolling up the process in a uniform manner.   up in either direction Ideal/Future State against a baseline

Start with an ideal state (design thinking) - Consider the 5 capability model to ensure performance measures are as generic as possible to reduce risk, yet agile enough for different risk appetites. 

Identify design patterns or lesson's learned by others around approaches that may have worked in the past.  

the understandings around your subject area.

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