Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Business Model Just In Time (JIT)

New Offer RISK MODEL by ***industry*** definition

Common behaviors in the model that have external stakeholder expectations and responsibilities to address. First the higher cost model-not every new idea has the justification to go through this high touch risk model. 
  1. Security Exchange Commission  (SEC) not an internal decision, decisions that influence your position in the market.  
    1. Better position better performance,  must be verifiable or the risk can be severe to your reputation and creditability.  
      1. SOX was introduced after ENRON's executives failed to accurately report their performance to the regulatory authorities.
  2. Technology Market Segment - In this scenario, we will learn about my first Just In Time experience.  
    1. At the time it was 1992 - Emerging technology classification became an industry practice in 2004, as of 2008 the technology remains in the Emerging category.  
      1. Maturity in the market-Have we sold 1 billion in revenue for example in one maturity stage. 
The rationale behind this design strategy two components to this classification, industry regulatory and quality standards associations.  For these reason's we can locate at least one if not more corporate policies. 
In the five capability model, manages the Competitive Advantage part of any strategy by design.  

New Business Models in this  would be the equivalent to my 17 year old, entering the northbound route on the highway merging and remaining cautious by design he has a boat or my old 92 Cadillac Seville.  He's only 5"7" in height, this big vehicle isn't going to be easy for him to go in an out of the middle and would be a stretch for him to enter the highway for any reason.  

He's in school all day, then football practice until 7:30 PM.  Schools less than a mile from home.  Birdseye motion Point A to Point B.  This represents the slow lane in terms of his maturity, he'd never change lanes, until he gained more time on the road.

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