Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hardware Solution Model Defect

Hardware Quality

Let me share a point that most people wouldn't really uncover using standard reliability or failure analysis;
  1. Sensitive Technology - HDTV or Video in general in this scenario assume every industry has this type sensitive components or hybrid handling model. 
    1. Any 3rd party source must factor the following; 
      1. In country ordering allows assurance to prevent waste;
        1. Avoid defects caused by specifications unique the upon availability model must consider the following waste types;
      2. Transportation - More than one move between logistics centers, a pallet moved between two containers overseas or on a
    2. Shipped another time in reaching the final destination
    3. Not taking the precaution to lock in a caged staging area
    4. Moving during normal warehouse operations using forklifts
    1. Logistics Cost
      1. The intermittent quality defects
      2. The higher cost to replace these hardware defects
      3. Insurance cost to cover shipment defects
      4. This isn't really a logistics issue for cost recovery of this waste, this is the nature of the equipment transportation model.  
  2. Corrective Action - TBD
    1. Service Repair 
      1. Customer complaint after install
        1. Confidence 
        2. Loyalty
    2. Failure Defect
      1. Defect detection occurs as your team tries to turn up the installed equipment
        1. The defect requires a return visit as few as 4 and as many as 8 hours to re-visit
          1. Outsourced resources may only take a full day visit
          2. The probability of restarting with consistency - not practical to expect to have the same two people on site.  
            1. You need someone to prepare a site checklist.  
            2. These become painful
  3. Prevent 
    1. You can analyze and measure the daylight out of your hardware to acquire some reliability metrics
      1. You may not measure any design or build metrics
      2. If you do, they hardly resolve the failure defects.

The joint solution model
Sony's video conference family was pretty exciting, with a host of barriers in the development stage of their joint solution partnering with CLI, the system integrator and a cabinet maker.

The skills to distinguish a threat
We expected the customer to manage the connectivity part of the solution.  I'd take the lead on the call, supplying the script for the configuration before we joined the call. 

Pr0-active Approach
The approach followed two different attempts that may have been managed appropriately without having a way to show the customer who had no way to manage the specification details.  shows the effort to make the delivery a success and gives the customer a way to hold the provider accountable. 

Assume custom specifications, new in the market as defined by industry analyst.
by customer and higher expense to operate in the early phases of your execution.  

 Service Provider Avoiding No Win Situations
  • This wasn't a hard dependency on determining the equipment defect.  
  • We initially kept two of everything, switching the devices confirmed a defect.   
  • If Sony had assumed or intruded on this connectivity technology delivering into every customers network. 
    • Sony assumes the risk without the expertise to be effective.  
    • Nothing about the model worked.
    • Pass through billing, increased an already costly offer.
  • Every customer had a unique configuration that needed to be programmed based on the connectivity decision.  
A custom cabinet 
Handcrafted for every customer, without the ability to build in advance.  that rolled yet had a very sleek cabinet with beveled glass in the front and mounted video and ascend component showing lights without any cords or cables.  very small part of the solution, yet vital to presentation of the system.  
  • A rolling stand for the monitor and Codec
    • Each system was going to be customized by the monitor size
    • Each order would require a custom stand built based on the demand.  
Recognizing Revenue
  • While this further contributes to certain barriers, if not managed to compliment the cost to effort.  
  • Our model allowed us to segregate the barriers outside our scope with the customer.  

A key to a just in time model; 
  • A hybrid role unlike the channel order management contact.  
    • Setting the tone for the way the engagement should go in a specific sequence
    • Removing any noise that can set unrealistic or lower margin expectations
    • Making the thread between each process step connect using data 
      • How to use an order number as the project identifier in your purchase orders with your supplier?  
  • Unknowns in new business models
    • Video quality wasn't actually the root cause
      • Logistics were becoming a threat and higher defects were constant
      • I began delivering the monitors myself.  
    • In comparison to the rest of the business, Sony no longer in this market.  
      • They are a quality organization that saw the quality had too many external factors to be effective.  
The model described was using a just in time model, in a small example.  

You can also review the System Integrator selected to sole source these same products in the joint solution and beyond this role.  

I was recruited to make the model one that had fewer resource dependencies and plans to have operational support with central accountability.

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