Friday, November 4, 2011

Enterprise Architecture Marketing plan

Ashan Opened a discussion question on linkedin. 

Lisa Marie MartinezI agree.

Generally, before you create a service. If you create, have no one looking or no consumer of the service. Well, you really haven't done anything to promote the EA or any other service provider practice.

Right? Certainly, agree with the marketing contributions. However, I wouldn't rely on those conversations alone. Unless, you are okay or have confidence that the audience and your solutions really can deliver to the audience and those diverse interpretations.

A pretty common root cause, to "WHY" people feel EA or BA has less direct value.             

Additional Note not on linkedin
A stakeholder matrix serves the entire organization best, to address and prevent any mis-communication.  Having a marketing plan on its own, must be fact based rather than simply marketware. 

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