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Go To Market - Connectivity/Cloud

LinkedIn-a question raised by a group member. 

Network Connectivity?
I am curious to know if you recommend ISP's to your clients for SMB solutions? I think knowing who owns the last mile in most cities automatically helps in the conversation. Wondering if the client ever takes your advice? Just looking for thoughts thats all.

Lisa Marie Martinez                        


Great question, in my mind the SMB audience would generally not benefit from the discussion as they should be having hosted solution discussions rather than purchasing a system where they have to worry about these indirect cost.

In a hosted solution the provider or typically the ISP working with a local system integrator manages these details for the SMB.

It could be a great selling point on why the hosted provider can be a great option for the SMB.

I've seen some situations where the SMB was convinced to purchase full systems. In the case where an SMB thinks they need the system, the conversation needs to be had to ensure the indirect cost and resources have the skills to support the system.

The carrier last mile discussion would best serve as a way to seal the deal on remote operating service contract, to compliment and supplement any skills required to support the system.

In the case of the exceptions, where an SMB would benefit from buying a full system, they must have or the seller would ensure customer satisfaction by ensuring all indirect resource and carrier response times meet the clients expectations.

To summarize;
No the SMB client wouldn't really benefit from the last mile carrier discussion as the ISP would host the service.
Yes, in the direct sale solution to protect the customer from overlooking certain barriers to their systems up-time.                   

Mike PihlmanYes, yes. :-)

29 days ago

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  1. How does this enable a fast track for small business owners?


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