Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Business Intelligence and Warehouse Fact Based Decision Making

Technology Investment and ways to avoid big data pitfalls
We often struggle with the fact that BIG isn't really required.  Certain stale applications are going unaddressed. 
Really understanding how to use current technologies.  
Design for re-use happens to be in conflict with most data architects clients.  

Enterprise Architecture
NEVER SOURCE user entitlement from offline applications or systems with frequent updates
Authorized Users have limited access and rarely change;
Think about the fact that a person must update and create a master record
  • CREATE, UPDATE AND READ key controls
  • Segregation between transaction users and create or update master users
Zero Data Loss in Business Continuity
  1. The record retention rules must document all changes.
  2. Ensure no person has the authority to update a transaction outside the system of record
  3. The official change control process must be followed.
  4. The key controls at risk
    1. Update to a fact record
    2. Inability to recover from a disaster 
      1. Systematic restore of information may not have any offline changes incorporated.  
    3.  Segregation of Duties
      1. Security Entitlement 
      2. Security Authorization 

Never design the response to any access request to source from any Business Intelligence system or application.  

This would be significant threat to your security and your ability to perform a reasonable assurance in your 404 quarterly assurance.  
  1. Poor design 
    1. Quality Defects
      1.  Transportation
      2. Movement
      3. Defects
      4. Over-processing
      5. Others - Process control defects

Symptoms of the problem;
  • A high volume of change request
  • A high percentage of null values or characters without the proper format
  • System update characterstics
  • A feed that updates large volumes of information in the middle of the night
  • Records that have no audience nor any way to design a corrective action 
The solutions of this type should be reviewed as an ethical decision, if your not sure ask your manager.  

CALL TO A WAREHOUSE or transaction defaults to another persons exception as the rule. 
  1. You may opt for a publish to work que
    1. Allow the create user to validate the accuracy and expect beyond 48 hours response if staffed to meet demand 
 Reference Relationships versus create a new master record relationship
  1. 1. User relationship to location defaults to country based on the users location
    1. Assume geographical segmentation applies in all indirect or channels models
    2. Global accounts are the minority
      1. Cloud models can utilize the customers CRM model using standard formats
        1. Customer manages their own carrier network and exposes the information based on their own risk appetite.  
      2. Your system of record applies the contractual relationships
        1. sub-set masked and created in a service to the customers CRM who grants the authorization to their system based on the relationship model.  
    3. Customers confidence and risk appetite.
        1. Value streams - ability to maintain the customers security standards
          1. Document management prescribes the enrichment of a record over the life of the remain in a central storage repository.  
        2. The customer manages the partners or system integrators in their own CRM system.  
          1. A single customer system would ideally be a federal or international service to enable the highest quality and greatest return in a cloud.  
            1. Root cause-By design a service that an enterprise or distribution model references

Supply Chain to General Ledger Business Policy Automation
    1. Assume supply chain by general ledger in ISO country format that has a relationship with the user in every reference architecture (entitlement and authorization default)
    2. Both sources for users and suppliers must have the same static table (rarely changes-how often does a new country get created?)
    3. The location tables rarely change (it is a misconception to assume that tlransactions update any master table). 

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